Air Compressor Service Calculator

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We are proud to announce our new air compressor service calculator!

This online tool allows you to enter the details of your air compressor and it will work out a fixed price depending on the level of service required. Simply select the type of compressor you have (screw, vane or piston), choose the size of your machine and then select the level of service you would like.

You can choose from having a mini compressor service which typically includes the following items;

  • Air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Oil change
  • Cooler clean
  • Full health check
  • Visual inspection on inline filters and dryer

You can also opt to have an enhanced service that includes the oil/ air separator which is an essential item required for the smooth running of your compressor. This is our most popular option!

Quality Parts

air compressor air filter and oil filter

Quality MANN Filters used on every service!

We only use Mann + Hummel filters which are of the same (if not better) quality of original OEM filters. We will also only use high grade coolants such as Shell S46 which are specifically formulated for air compressors.

You can be assured that our engineers expertise is also unrivalled. Meaning if any other issues are spotted you will be the first to know.

Our online compressor service calculator can be accessed using the following link;

Compressor Service Tool

We think its a great way to quickly get a price for your service needs, plus it applies nationwide! There is no need to wait for us to send a price as everything is worked out in an instant.

Have any questions? You can still give us a call and we can either help you through entering the details. Or simply put together a quote manually.

All makes and models can be looked at but if you have a unit that isn’t currently on the calculator please get in touch for a quote.