Multi Compressor Controller

In Announcements, Compressor Tech by Ross - DT

Introducing our new multi compressor controller/ control panel! Our simple yet powerful panel has been created to provide compressor rotation. Plus it works on any make or model of air compressor.

Simple multi compressor controller

This compact unit fits into any location. Only requires a 13amp single phase connection to run (a standard power outlet).

Once connected you have full manual control over what compressors you would like to operate. Plus the option to place them into automatic rotation.

This is great for sites which use a run and standby system of air compressors because it ensures both units run up equal hours.

The multi compressor controller can also be used to schedule a day/ night cycle swapping from a main compressor in the day to a smaller unit overnight.

compressor controller in action

Our multi compressor controller or MCC as we call it, will operate on almost any compressor. Pictured here you can see the unit operating two Ingersoll-Rand R7.7n compressors. These units already feature a built in scheduling system, however due to a limitation in their software (as of writing) only one would work as a variable speed drive, with the other reverting to a stop/ start traditional fixed speed machine. Our panel fixes this and allows both units to operate as full variable speed compressors as originally intended. Full fault detection remains intact and the standby compressor is activated if required.

At present we offer a 2, 3 and 4 machine controller. We plan to expand our range of MCC’s in the future. This will include full pressure control, remote operation and full trip reporting. Watch this space for more information!