Champion FM11RS – ExDemo!

£8,190.00 £4,850.00 Excluding VAT.

Champion Variable speed 11kW screw compressor. 10 BAR pressure, 49 CFM output!


Are you looking to make the move to a more efficient air compressor (Or one that will save you a load of money!)?

Then we have a great Ex-Demo Champion FM11RS for sale.

The FM11RS is an 11 kW variable speed, belt driven screw compressor that runs at 10 BAR. Built by Gardner-Denver (Compair, Hydrovane etc…)

Occupying an extremely small footprint this base mounted 11 kW air compressor would make a great upgrade to any workshop or garage.

Using a state of the art digital drive system this compressor will constantly monitor the system pressure. This allows it to adjust the speed of the motor so that it only produces the air that is needed. You would typically save you a third in your electrical costs!

This compressor has just come back from one of our customers where they had it on test. (The customer went on to buy a larger variable speed machine to cover their entire plant). This compressor has very few hours on the clock and is ready to install immediately. All you need is a suitable power supply and an air receiver of at least 270lts and you are good to go!

Take a look at the full specs on the additional information tab.

If you would like to know more please get in touch today!

Manufacturer Description;

Champion FM11RS Compressor

The design of the Champion FM11RS range offers one of the most compact air compressors in the market. It also has low noise levels which allows installation at the point of use.

The Champion FM11RS airend is designed with focus on reliability and efficiency. The rotors are accurate and thoroughly checked and measured by a computerised control system.

Based on individual requirements, the Champion FM11RS can be provided as just a stand-alone compressor to the complete package with dryer and tank.

New controller

The C-PRO 2.0 controller ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters.

East to maintain

Champion FM11RS compressors are designed to ensure easy access to maintenance points. All cabinet panels can be easily removed to allow full access and the limited number of moving parts reduces service costs.